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    Roast Beets Like A Pro

    I am in love with beets. They are such a versatile vegetable. Beets can be roasted and juiced, plus they make an excellent natural food dye. You can even sauté the greens for the extra nutritional benefits! Have you ever tried beet bread? Every delicious morsel is a like a treat sent from heaven. There isn’t much that you can’t do with beets. What are your favorite ways to eat beets?

  • Body & Mind

    Be The Architect of Your Life

    Do you feel stuck in a life your soul can no longer bear? Are you dreaming of a fulfilled life, yet not taking positive steps to turn your dreams into reality? That was me, not too long ago. I was living in an unsatisfying existence. I wanted change, but fear and negative thoughts kept me stagnant. One day I had a moment of clarity: Discover who I truly am and let my uniqueness shine. This is the path to a beautiful & fulfilled life. I followed that moment of clarity by asking myself some provoking, life altering questions. Now, I am moving forward with my life and working towards my goals.…

  • In The Spotlight

    Fill Your Senses with Holistic Soap

    I am very excited to share this post today! I’ve never written anything like this, so I hope it’s something you will enjoy. One of my goals with this blog is to expand on an array of topics and showcase some of my favorite holistic businesses. I was very happy when Sasanna, from Olive & Yew agreed to be featured on my blog! If you are not familiar with Olive & Yew, this wonderful shop can be found on Etsy. There you will discover a plethora of beautifully crafted artisan soaps. My husband and I just love her products. We’ve tried a variety of her soaps and have never been…

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    Tropical Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

    I love Spring! The warm weather, birds singing, blooming flowers…what’s not to love?  My daughter and I were reminiscing about orange creamsicles and how they seem to have disappeared. So, we decided to welcome Spring with our own version of an orange creamsicle smoothie. The results were oh so good and healthy.

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    What PLU Codes Say About Produce

    Have you ever wondered what the numbers on produce stickers mean? I began researching those mysterious numbers and here’s what I found. The stickers (PLU price lookup code) will tell you how fruits & veg were grown. Grown Organically Stickers that have five digits and begin with the number 9 are organic. The produce has been grown organically without chemical manipulation. GMO Produce Stickers that have five digits and begin with the number 8, are genetically engineered. The genes within the produce have been manipulated to produce bigger, more eye appealing food. Conventionally Grown Stickers that have four digits and begin with the number 3 or 4 are conventionally grown.…

  • Body & Mind

    Be Kind to Yourself, You’re Worth It!

    I never thought I was important enough to be kind to myself. During my younger years I suffered from an eating disorder, drug addiction, depression and abusive relationships. I was stuck in a downward spiral, drowning in my own self-loathing and fears. It took years of therapy to release myself from this self-destructive lifestyle. Now I’m nearing 49 and I’m slowly becoming the woman I am meant to be. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson We all want to be happy and live fulfilling lives. What most of us fail to understand is that happiness…

  • Life & Style

    4 Reasons Why I’m A Vintage Huntress

    Do you love decorating your home with vintage décor as much as I do? I enjoy sifting through estate sales and unearthing “new” treasures to bring home. I also revel in discovering quirky or beautiful pieces on Etsy. Here’s why I’m a vintage huntress. Memory Lane ☼ Sometimes a piece will stop me in my tracks. “Wow, my grandmother had one just like this” or “this was my favorite book growing up.” I appreciate the fond memories a vintage piece may bring. Good Earth ☼ Giving old things a new purpose is a rewarding feeling. It keeps items out of landfills, plus it adds a fresh vibe to my home.…

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    Simple Slow Cooker Applesauce

    This past autumn I took my family on an apple picking adventure. JD and Rae reveled in the experience. It was a beautiful day and the scent of crisp apples was truly intoxicating. The apple orchard brought back fanciful memories of my childhood. My mom would take my sister and I fruit picking. It was so much fun hand selecting our own fruit. The anticipation mounted, as I imagined the delicious treats we’d make together. I will never forget those precious moments. It’s such a wonderful feeling being underneath the wide-open sky and harvesting our own fruits and veg. I wanted to continue this practice with my own family. I’ve…

  • Life & Style

    Teaching Kids How To Cook: 9 Tips To Get Started

    Let’s face it ladies and gents, preparing dinner usually feels like a dreaded chore. We come home from work exhausted and maybe even a bit irritable. The last thing we want to think about is getting food on the table, much less engaging our children in the process. Slow down, relax and take a deep breath. Cooking with your little ones can be an enjoyable bonding experience. A few years ago, I used to babysit my two-year-old niece. Helping me in the kitchen was one of her favorite activities. Sure, she made a mess, but we had fun. ☼ Create A Fun Environment This is a very important step. If you’re not…